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Check, Please? Stop Giving Toys at Children's Birthday Parties

Cut down the stress of picking out a gift for a 1 year old, cut a check.

We've all been there, realizing we have a small child's birthday party to attend, which is more about supporting the parents and being good friends, yet start to stress and think about when to fit into our schedules going to the store, picking out a gift, paying for the gift, and wrapping the gift. End result?  Child maybe shreds the wrapping paper at the party, looks at the gift for a second, and moves along to the next. You start to notice that the child enjoys ripping up the gift wrap more the the gifts themselves. Darn. Maybe you should have given them a box of wrapping paper instead of fretting in Target for 30 minutes looking for the "right" gift.

Then you realize how much time and energy you've just wasted. Time in the store. Time planning how to fit the store into your day. Time driving to the store. Time wrapping the awkward packaging of the gift. Time waiting to see the more-than-l…

Is There a PILL for That?

What is your P.I.L.L?


Part of the beauty in life is that we all have different purposes, pleasures, and desires to fulfill in our lives. Of course, where we are born and our personal circumstances can greatly alter our PILL. 

Find the idea of financial independence to be intoxicating and have changed many habits over the years from reading and following Mr. Money MustacheWhite Coat InvestorThe Money Habit, and Millennial-Revolution (Oxford comma all the way!). While the idea of retiring early sounds enticing, have worked hard to obtain a career and job that brings fulfillment, challenges, and community servitude with a 7 days on, 7 days off schedule for the last six years. Understandably, this could change at any given moment, thus the desire for financial independence [thanks for the lower student loan interest SoFi, game changer from previous 6.8% rate] and the future ability to not have to rush back into work. 

When really thinking about the question posed above, financial independence is import, just not the main motivator for living life for me. Being a father and husband takes priority, which I imagine is not uncommon for many in the world, then seeking adventure and new experiences, followed by providing service to others. 


That's it. Other aspects can be incorporated into each of these for my personal PILL. This site plans to explore these aspects and much more in detail, as an effort to help readers find their own PILL. We all want to find, explore, and refine our PILL. Looking forward to our discussions into health, fitness, travel, parenthood, finances, retirement, relationships, food, and making the most of these ~80 years of life [actual link to the study]. Unless you are a woman living in South Korean, you get an extra 10 years!

Cheers to the time we have together! 


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