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Check, Please? Stop Giving Toys at Children's Birthday Parties

Cut down the stress of picking out a gift for a 1 year old, cut a check.

We've all been there, realizing we have a small child's birthday party to attend, which is more about supporting the parents and being good friends, yet start to stress and think about when to fit into our schedules going to the store, picking out a gift, paying for the gift, and wrapping the gift. End result?  Child maybe shreds the wrapping paper at the party, looks at the gift for a second, and moves along to the next. You start to notice that the child enjoys ripping up the gift wrap more the the gifts themselves. Darn. Maybe you should have given them a box of wrapping paper instead of fretting in Target for 30 minutes looking for the "right" gift.

Then you realize how much time and energy you've just wasted. Time in the store. Time planning how to fit the store into your day. Time driving to the store. Time wrapping the awkward packaging of the gift. Time waiting to see the more-than-l…

Is There a PILL for That?